Indian Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba on Friday rejected Pakistan’s assertion that it saw an Indian submarine in its waters was near Karachi last month, The Indian Expressreported.

Registering his view on the event weeks later, Admiral Lanba said: “there was no submarine deployed in the area of Pakistani claims”.

“As far as repelling of a submarine of any nation goes, it is not an easy task. The claim made by Pakistan navy was totally bogus,” Lanba said talking at the annual media conference in New Delhi held in celebration of India’s Navy Day.

He further said India will continue to deploy submarines as per “operational necessity”.

The Pakistan Navy in November said it had prevented Indian Navy submarines from entering Pakistani territorial waters.

“The Indian Navy, in order to fulfil its nefarious designs, was deploying submarines. The Pakistan Navy, alert and using its extreme skill, prevented Indian submarines from entering Pakistani waters,” a statement issued by Pakistan Navy at the time said.

The Pakistan Navy prevented the Indian submarines from being successful in their attempts to keep their presence a secret, the statement said, adding that the navy pursued the submarines and pushed them back.